S&B Industrial Minerals Spain has the technical, material and human resources to grant to its customers the highest standard of quality and service on its products.

We have two production sites:

  • EL EJIDO, in Almería
  • MORÓN DE LA FRONTERA, in Seville

Our Factorys

Demo Packages
Demo Packages

Factory of Almeria

Capacity: 150.000 cbm/year
Range: Perlite % Vermiculite
Process: Totally automated
Packaging: Automated
Products: Grow Bag, Bags, Big Bag, Bulk.

Factory of Seville

Capacidad: 200.000 m3cbmyear
Range: Perlite
Process: Totally automated
Packaging: Automated
Products: Bulk.

S&B Spain applies a strict Quality Control to Raw Materials (Perlite & Vermiculite ores), to auxiliary materials (film, sacks, big bag), as well to manufactured products (expanded Perlite in several formats of packs and granulometries and exfoliated Vermiculite), and grants the full traceability of its products.