Perlite is a natural occurring mineral (Aluminium Silicate) of volcano origin that contain 2-3% of water in its chemical composition. In its natural state, it looks like a greyish glassy rock.
It has a neutral pH and very low Cation Exchange Capacity. It does not contain Asbestos on its composition.

Demo Packages
Demo Packages

The contact of mineral with a flame at high temperature causes the immediate vaporization of combined water creating uncountable tiny bubbles and micro channels on its structure, expanding from 10 to 20 times its initial volume, transforming it into granules of intense white colour, very light, with very low loose bulk density and high porosity.

Transformation is made in vertical furnaces, being continuous fed, with automatic control of the expansion parameters.

The process grants the maximum quality of final products as well as the regularity of its physical properties.