Phosphoric Acid

Crude Perlite is used in the manufacturing process of Phosphoric Acid as clarifying product by removing impurities to get a high quality product.
The impurities contributes to an undesired colour, to a cloudiness aspect and to an increase of corrosive effect of acid.
Crude Perlite provides to the process a high reactivity that inhibit the corrosion and increase the filterability.


With Crude Perlite you get:

  • Less corrosive action of the phosphate rock during the production of WPA.
  • Improve the filtering process increasing the growth of regular crystals of gypsum.
  • To reduce the environmental pollution by Fluorides (SiF4) retention.
  • To settle the slags of fluosilicates and fluoaluminates.
  • Improve the quality of concentrated acid and derived fertilizers.

Advantages of use of Crude Perlite:

  • Constant chemical composition and more suitable SiO2/Al2O3 (ratio molar 10/1).
  • Most of silicate is amorphous that means higher reactivity index, above 90%.
  • Faster chemical reaction versus other silica sources.
  • Perlite do not contain heavy metals, toxics or hazardous.
  • It is homogeneous and chemically clean.